Parent Information

A Day at Parkwood Primary School

8 20 am - Students begin to arrive at school. There is a teacher on duty in the undercover area to supervise students and ensure their safety. 

8 40 am - the hand bell is rung and students make their way to their classes. Classroom teacher take duty of care of students and welcome them in for a day of learning. 

8 50 am - The school day begins. Students arriving after this need to sign in at the front office. 

11 am - The eating bell is rung, students return from Specialist classes, take their lunch and begin eating in their home rooms

11 10 am - The lunch bell is rung and students go outside to play.

11 40 am - A siren signals the end of class and students return to class.

1 45 pm - The siren is rung for recess 

2.05 pm - The siren is rung for students to return to class for the final hour. 

3 pm - The final siren of the day is rung and students are released. 

3 15 pm - Any remaining students on site without a guardian are escorted to the office to ensure their safety.