Science Term 3

Welcome to Science!

In Term 3 Students are learning about Earth and Space Sciences.

Below you can find a quick synopsis of what students learn in each year level. 


Year 6

Students are examining natural disasters. We are currently building cities and houses which have been designed to withstand a natural disaster. 


Year 5

Students are learning about Earth's place in space. We are currently learning about the differences in living on another planet and designing and building a space station or colony to survive there. 


Year 4

Students are learning about how the surface of the Earth changes. We are examining and simulating different types of weathering and erosion. 

Year 3

Students are learning about how the relationship between the Earth, Moon and Sun impact the daily and seasonal changes. We are simulating this relationship and examining the effects. 

Year 2

Students are learning about the Earth's natural resources. We are examining water, minerals and their uses, as well as synthetic and natural materials and their sources. 

Year 1

Students are learning about the daily changes we observe in the sky and the reasons for this. We are simulating the movement of the Earth in relation to the sun as well as meteorological changes and how to identify them. 


Students are learning about the seasons and how it impacts our lives. Students are identifying how we change how we dress and behave during different weather and seasons.