Intensive English Centre

Parkwood Intensive English Centre provides a safe, supportive and nurturing environment where students who come from diverse backgrounds develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Standard Australian English.

Parkwood IEC’s comprehensive, integrated and dynamic learning programs cater for students from Years 1 to 6. Opportunities are provided for students in the IEC to participate in all aspects of schooling and to integrate with mainstream students in whole-school events such as assemblies, excursions, incursions and inter-school sports events.

English as an Additional Language and all core curriculum areas described in the West Australian Curriculum are taught at our centre:

· Mathematics

· Science

· Humanities and Social Sciences

· Physical Education

· Health Education

· Digital Technologies

· Music and Drama

Our educational programs are designed specifically to provide the students with the English language knowledge, skills and cultural understandings they require to successfully participate in our schools and wider community. Our school community values and welcomes students and their families from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

Parkwood Intensive English Centre caters for:

  • Newly arrived migrant and refugee students
  • Year 1 students who may have been born in Australia, who come from a culturally and linguistically diverse background and who have limited English knowledge and skills. These students are referred from our local schools

Features of Parkwood Intensive English Program:

  • Students are entitled to one or two years of Intensive English education, depending on their visa.
  • Students are taught by highly trained, experienced and dedicated staff who have additional qualifications, the knowledge and skills to target the needs of students from English as an Additional Language backgrounds.
    • our team of teachers prioritise the social, emotional needs of culturally and linguistically diverse students and implement our PBS values and PATHS program to address these needs effectively
  • Ethnic Education Assistants who are fluent in a range of languages assist with communication between school, students, and parents, and also provide support in the classroom.
  • Interpreters are used whenever required to assist parents.
  • Small class sizes of around 16-18 students.
  • The WA Department of Education provides a free school bus service to many suburbs in order to assist children to and from school. 

Students from overseas fall into four categories:

Category 1:  students on permanent residence visas who have a local enrolment entitlement and do not pay tuition fees;  

Category 2:  students on specified temporary residence visas who have a local enrolment entitlement and do not pay tuition fees;  

Category 3:  students on specified temporary residence visas who have local enrolment entitlement and pay tuition fees.  Dependants of 457 and 482 Visa holders are in this category; and

Category 4:  students on all other temporary residence visas who have no enrolment entitlement and pay tuition fees.  These are known as overseas  fee-paying students.  Placement and subsequent enrolment in school is facilitated by TAFE International WA (TIWA)

Parents seeking enrolment must provide evidence of their visa status and advise the school of any subsequent change of visa