Introducing Parkwood Primary School

Parkwood Primary School opened in 1975 and is at the eastern end of the Fremantle-Peel Education District. The school sits adjacent to Lynwood Senior High School. Our students enjoy quality facilities, equipment and resources to enhance their learning experiences.

Formerly one of the largest primary schools in Western Australia, demographic changes have resulted in a student enrolment of approximately 520 students from Kindergarten to Year 6. This includes just in excess of 50 children in the Intensive English Centre.

The Intensive English Centre (IEC) addresses the needs of refugees and other children with little or no English. The IEC provides these children with a nurturing environment in which to develop proficiency in written and spoken English. Some arrive with no prior education. After 12 to 18 months, when these children have developed sufficient skills to enable them to participate effectively in mainstream schooling, they enrol in their local school. As Parkwood Primary School is one of only 7 primary schools in W.A. with an IEC, our students are drawn from a wide section of the south-east metropolitan area.