At Parkwood Primary School, we pride ourselves on delivering a quality education that caters to the individual needs of every student, including those with English as an Additional Language. Our experienced educators are dedicated to igniting a passion for excellence in all aspects of school life and beyond. Our holistic approach supports academic, social, and emotional growth through whole-school approaches and individualised plans, which include tailored support for students with additional needs. Daily Reviews and Explicit Instruction further enhance learning outcomes, with intervention programs available for students requiring additional assistance or extension opportunities. We embrace modern technologies to enrich learning experiences and better prepare students for their future pathways. 


Instructional Model

Our teachers use the PPS Instructional Model in line with current teaching best practice. 

Parkwood Primary School Instructional Model

Teaching for Impact

The Department of Education Teaching for Impact outlines what effective teachers believe, what they know, and what they do to have high impact on student outcomes.

Teaching for Impact Overview.PDF

Early Childhood at Parkwood Primary School

Parkwood Primary School Early Years Learning Success Statement