Did you know…… When we recycle through Terracycle we not only help our planet but we also earn points that we can turn into $$$$ to support programs at Parkwood Primary School. This money helps us with purchasing for our sustainability program and STEAM initiatives. 

Coffee Pods

Do not have to be the Nescafe Dolce Gusto pods

Collect your coffee pods and drop them off at school. We send this off when we have 3kg of coffee pods. We earn 2c for every coffee pod that we collect. Click the link below for more information about how this recycling works.

Dental and Oral Care

Do not have to be the Colgate brand!

You will find the bin in our recycling station. This can be any products that are used for oral care ie. empty toothpaste tubes, packaging, old toothbrushes, dental floss containers etc. Electronic toothbrushes and electronic parts are not recyclable through this program. When we have 1kg of products then we send them off and earn 2c for every piece of waste we send. This can go towards our school or a charity of our choosing. The tubes and brushes are separated by composition, shredded and melted into hard plastic that can be remoulded to make new recycled product

Terracycle Stationery

Used markers, pens, pencils and rulers can all be recycled at school. As with all Terracycle initiatives, every item recycled goes back to the school.

Keep your eye out for new products that we will be adding to our Terracycle Recycling Program.


Containers for Change

Parkwood Primary School participates in the Containers for change program, aimed at reducing the amount of waste disposed of from drink containers. To donate, simply bring your cans, bottles and juice boxes to school and drop into the large yellow bins next to the undercover area.


Soft Plastic Recycling

Soft plastic recycling at school is set up to sustainably dispose of waste from student's food wrappers and packaging waste from the school. The REDcycle program makes it easy for Australian consumers to play their part in creating a sustainable future. These products are recycled to useful products such as outdoor furniture and signage. Our plastics are dropped off to the REDcycle bin at Coles Carousel. 


Ring Pulls

This is another continuing recycling program that is overseen by the faction captains as these also earn points for your child’s faction. These bins are in the reception area of the administration office. Collect them up and help your child to earn points for their faction. 


Mobile Phone Recycling

We are continuing our partnership with Mobile Muster. Mobile recycling bags will be sent home for you to send in your old mobile phones, mobile phone batteries, chargers and accessories and mobile wireless broadband devices. Over 95% of the materials in mobile phones, batteries and chargers collected by Mobile Muster are recovered. This collection box is in the reception area of the main administration office.